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VITALBODY Total Sugar Control Capsules

Convert up to 90% of the sugars you eat or drink into fiber

60 Capsules

  • Reduce dietary sugar in the foods and beverages you consume without impacting taste or texture.  Great for gut health, optimal digestion, and enhanced nutrient absorption. 

What are the benefits:

  • Total Sugar Control breaks down up to 90% of the sugar (glucose) in the foods and beverages  you consume into healthy dietary fiber.    
    • Reduce total calories.
    • Help block sugar spikes from foods and beverages.
    • Improve digestion.
    • Absorb more nutrients from the foods you eat.
    • Enjoy the added benefits of increasing fiber in your diet…
    • Including improved gut health.



How does it work?

  • Taking Total Sugar Control before meals allows our proprietary plant-based blend to separate the sugars from your foods and beverages and convert them into fibers. 

The scientific answer: 

  • After consumption of sugar - from foods or beverages - our proprietary blend of plant-derived enzymes breaks down the molecules of sugar and reconfigures them into the structure of healthy dietary fiber, more specifically the prebiotic alpha-glucan.  Prebiotics are food for probiotics, helping to support the growth of the good bacteria in our gut.

  • Fiber also contributes only 2 calories per gram vs. sugar, which has 4 calories per gram.  As an added benefit, fiber is absorbed more slowly than sugars,  allowing you to feel full longer after meals.

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